Today, younger and older people want a piece of science fiction filmmaking nostalgia. The new Star Wars and Alien films come to mind. Younger people want to get in on the same effect that another generation got from the original Star Wars and Alien films in the 1970’s and older people want to repeat that nostalgia. I’m going to date myself here, but I remember as a teenager sitting in the theater watching the first Star Wars movie and everyone in the theater saying, WOW, in amazement, as the large space ship flew onto the screen or the bar scene or the shocking (at theRead More →

So you want to make a great movie? Are you ready to eat, sleep, breathe and dream about writing, directing and editing movies or is it just a hobby? To make a great movie you have to set your life up around being an indie film Writer, Director, Editor, and Cinematographer. Those are the four parts of the filmmaking process you have to master. On Make A Great Movie, I’m concentrating on those four critical parts of filmmaking, along with providing other key advice to make great indie films. I have worked with Indie Filmmakers who just wanted to write, direct, edit or do theRead More →

I started as an Indie Filmmaker in the late 1990’s. This was long before YouTube, mass social media. Coding and getting video that looked good and played without pausing on the Internet was a challenge. Today, things are a hell of a lot easier but getting the opportunity to make a large budget film is still extremely difficult to do. One thing that hasn’t changed, you gotta either have a family member in the film industry in a high-level position, be really different but still marketable or get damn lucky to get into the major film industry as a Director or ScreenWriter (God help the poor Screenwriter). IRead More →

Like most small indie filmmakers, I made short films and music videos where Actors didn’t get paid and no one signed a contract. In this article, I’ll explain why this is a bad idea. Get everyone to sign a contract If your film is a promotional project to promote your work, put that in your contract and also any further royalties that come from your project belong to you and your production company. If you ever do get to make a larger budget film and it’s based upon some of your earlier promotional work, guess who will show up and ask you for money. ThatRead More →